El Vortech XR6

372 RWHP
575 lb/ft
12 PSI
It's been a long time and a heap of set backs but my Falcon is finally flying. Last year mid November, not long after it was back on the road, number three exhaust valve dropped the valve head and demolished the piston. Four and a half months later, and with a CNC machined head and stainless steel valves now fitted, she's back on the road putting out 278rwkw (372rwhp) and 780Nm (575ft-lb) of torque running 12psi of boost. Brendon Mock from Jim Mock Motorsport ( http://www.jimmockmotorsport.com.au/ ) has built me a magic engine and is blown away by the Vortech supercharger's performance Future plans will be running a Water to Air intercooler system and maybe upping the boost a touch more in hope of reaching 300rwkw (400rwhp). As promised here are the pics of the engine bay lay out. Thanks again for you're time and hope all's going well in the Vortech world Cheers Leigh Smith from Aus