BigSlipDaddy's 94 Mustang 383 stroker

1994 Ford Mustang Base

This is a 1994 Pearl Frost modified Ex-Saleen Mustang built by Chris Hoff and Joe Gozinski and seen on the cover of the November 1997 issue of Super Ford. It has many Saleen extras including Racecraft suspension, 8.8-inch differential, 3.27 ratio Auburn Pro and Traction-Lok, and now, a new 383 ci (6.3 liter) custom built Stroker with SVO Motorsport 351 race block with 4 bolt mains, GT-40 heads, Eagle rods, Probe forged pistons, C&A rings, Saleen competition roller cam, Probe roller rockers, TFS Stage III twisted wedge heads, Probe EFI Spyder throttle body and intake, 42 lb. injectors, EFI Systems PMS & Inter ACQ, and a Vortech V-1 S-trim Supercharger.

Vortech Products on This Vehicle