Michael Ramsey's Twin Supercharged 68 Chevelle

1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

1320 RWHP
997 lb/ft
14 PSI
V-7 YSi Supercharger
This car started as a field car restoration project and I picked it up for $600. By the time I was done, I had only saved the core shell of the body and the front 1/3rd of the original frame, everything else was either replaced with aftermarket parts or hand made. The car took 14 months to complete and was held up a bit by paint, but the result was worth it. The car is using a 35 spline narrowed 9-in Ford housing with Moser spool/axles and custom rear disc assembly. The frame is a hand built with a 4-link rear suspension and coil over drag shocks. The drive line uses a custom aluminum driveshaft with 4340 yokes on each end and is pushed by a TCI 400 short Race transmission with a manual valve body and transbrake. The converter is a JW Converters 6000 stall. The engine started as a base 572 Big Block Chevy. The modifications include a Callie's Dragonslayer Crank, Dart Big Cheif Cylinder Heads, a replacement Comp Cams mechanical roller cam that increased the bump from 6.14" to 7.08". I decided to bring the compression down to 8:3 to 1 and then design a twin supercharger blow through induction system. The mounitng and pulley drive system for this was all custom made as I was not able to use any of the Vortech kit standard brackets. Everything was cut from 6061 aluminum stock and CNC machined to blueprint specs that I designed. The end result allowed me to run two YSI-7 Race superchargers on one 10 rib gates racing belt in a serpentine design, putting out a max of 14psi. The ignition is all MSD, the exhaust is 2 3/16" ceramic headers with 4" collectors, the carburetor is a custom modified Holley 950 HP Race, etc. The car performed well on the chassis dyno with only some fine tuning required during testing. The last run produced 1320 RWHP, which I was very happy with.

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