TBALL gots his bad self a V-1 on a stroker C4 Vette in Black Rose Metallic - OMG!

1994 Chevrolet Corvette Base

22 PSI
V-1 Ti Supercharger
I figure we might as well have ourselves a little fun while braggin' about our rides. After all, who else but us busted-knuckle draggers are in here? ... reading stuff like this? We know who we are and we're OK with it. We're go-faster geeks with grease healed into the cuts on our hands ... and black ... stuff ... that won't come out from under our fingernails ... no matter how hard we scrub. Our wives and kids know we cuss ... like flat broke GI's walking back to base after a weekend liberty because we don't have the 50 cent bus fare ... every time we drop that darn wrench onto the floor for the third time in a row. It's .... "clank-tinkle-tinkle" ... "Awww heck! Hand me that ... again ... please" sort of. So we know who we are ... we're OK with it ... and you gotta figure the guys over there at Vortech are the same kinda guys we are. Their wrenches slip too. Stuff goes wrong for them too. They probably gripe out loud; just like the rest of us. "Don't mean nuthin'" Just a couple of dogs barkin' at each other. It ain't personal. I'm just barkin'. So don't get offended when I tell you that it took nearly 5,000 miles and three oil changes to get the rings seated. The boost was dropped from 22 pounds to about 10 using the BOV ... (mostly because by then I couldn't afford to buy a bigger pulley) ... and still the rings wouldn't seat. Those Royal Purple / Mobil 1 / K&N boys made a small fortune off us there for a while. But I finally got it done. The oil stayed clean and I just turned 2,000 miles on the last one. So momma ... don't let your baby get a mirror finish hone. It takes forever to break in properly. Mods? Sure ... name it ... and like the spaghetti sauce ... "It's in there!" Because when we were mapping this motor out, the word STRONG was at the top of the list. "Ain't" no big corporate sponsors bangin' on my door ... tryin' to drop big checks on me so I'll write "Tide" on the hood. We have one motor! It has an iron block and a forged steel crank. Because it MUST stay together. We had one shot at this. No do-overs and no second chances. If something fails ... if a wrist pin lets loose or a rod breaks under that much boost ... game over ... turn out the lights ... move over big dog ... we're roomies now. So ... let's see if memory serves me ... see if I can find those receipts. Ah, here we go ... I told you that it started out as the stock LT-1 iron block. Nuthin' wrong with that. Those boys up there in Kentucky have come a long way since the days of the AIR Pump. Sure, who wouldn't want an all-aluminum Merlin 572? Got a spare 20 grand I can have? No? Then shut yer pie-hole ya' snob! Now remember, these are just a list of parts. I don't want to argue about brands and who likes what better. Because this is what's there now and (knock on wood); so far so good. Start with the crank; it's steel and it's Bowtie. That's good gear for the money. A good buy. Then the main caps were replaced with Pioneer main bearing caps. I don't really know how much stronger they are than the GM caps; but that's what was paid for. One shot only and it's gotta be strong, remember? The forged steel H-beam rods are from Procomp Motorsport; They're the 4340 steel and the machine shop in Denver x-rayed them; did an ultrasound and shot peened them to align the molecules for stress relief. They're rated to 700 HP so they should be able to take whatever is handed to them. The stock pistons were replaced with Ross Racing-Supercharger pistons. The pistons are at the top of the list of things I worry about. People talk; you hear things; you worry. That's where the rubber meets the road. Everything depends on the pistons being strong and properly vetted for such a motor. (I rubbed them down real good with my lucky rabbits foot). We'll see. The heads are from Trick Flow. The machine shop prides itself on its CNC porting machine. I have no complaints right now. Breathing doesn't seem to be an issue. The valves are swirl polished and the intakes are 2.10 Now here comes the cam. This is the thing I've had the most question about. I'm not stupid; but this is the first supercharged motor I've owned. We took some advice and went with the Crane Gold system. It's the Powermax with .479 / .518 lift and 272 / 286 duration. I know ... I know ... see what's happening? My stomach is churning. But you can't argue with the results. But I'm thinking that with this V-1 and the small pulley ... I think there's a lot more horsepower in there to be had with a bigger lift Crane. But I can't go too big because I need that vacuum. My Vortech fuel regulator depends on it. And the motor depends on getting all the fuel it needs when it needs it ... so I don't get ... you know ... I don't even want to say the word. We used the factory intake! The ports were matched and again; the advice was that there simply wasn't anything so much better out there to justify buying. With the big Bosch injectors and the ZR-1 fuel pump; the Vortech regulator and factory rails ... the system taken as a whole was very good. Everything seems to match up pretty well. I just can't help thinking there's more though. There's even more horsepower in there for the taking. Man I wish I had the dough to get this beast out to the coast. I'd sell my '69 C20 with it's BB 468 to finance it. But then how would I get it to L.A.? a massive Air to Air intercooler; BBK Throttle Body; MAT instead of MAF. All the tubing and pumps and O2 sensors stolen from other systems because of their speed in handling feedback; fuel rails and pressure regulators and knock sensors and baro pressure sensor and altitude changes going to the EE prom and speedy-awesome processor; reprogamable onboard and proprietary Tippy-Top Secret fuel program stolen from an alien ufo ... you get the picture. Nuff said about that part of the thang ... "Them that know don't talk ... and them that talk don't know"! All that power gets pushed to the back through a Center Force and a lightened flywheel; a FACTORY STOCK 6 speed; a torque tube and beefy axles throw it to a set of Michelin Pilot Sports on 17" Z06 wheels. All that burned up 93 octane Shell gas gets passed through ceramic Hookers and Edelbrock high-flow cats. A Borla exhaust system tries to keep it all quiet so I don't make my neighbors mad. It never works. Must have something to do with the fact the collectors aren't bolted up quite right. Not sure how that happened. Anyway, I'm unofficially shunned by the local PTA and considered a bad influence on teenagers and disobedient husbands. O-well ... I guess I prefer it that way. Lone Wolf ... lost soul ... lost in time ... wandering the streets in that smelly old car ... looking for ... A CHALLENGE. Anyway ... back to the car ... But that's not what really counts, is it? All those parts, I mean. Something has been created here that is greater than the sum of the parts. This thing has a soul now. It has the soul and the attitude of Chuck Norris. This car is worthy of the nickname ... "Chuck". And don't try giving it any cute names like Chucky or some girls name your lady friend might want to drop on it. Chuck don't cotton to that sort of thing. This is a man's car. Keep the children and puppy's far away from the intake. Chuck don't play. As all you true go-fasters out there know without a doubt ... it's all about the machinist and his wizardry. You deliver to him a beautifully seasoned LT-1 with 35,000 old guy miles on it ... hand him a blueprint ... a Vortech V-1 Supercharger ...along with $25,000 ... wait two months ... and he will deliver unto you ... A MASTERPIECE! Picture the scene from Kill Bill Vol. I where Uma Thurmon gets her Samurai sword from the master craftsman. A similar ceremony took place when this motor was delivered. OK, maybe that's a tall tale ... but it should have been that way. Because this thing is a freak of nature. Next stop ... the spa treatment. Chuck don't like chubby. Chuck is going to loose some weight. Like the A/C and window motors and power lock motors and any other bits and pieces considered ... unnecessary. I'll let ya' know how it goes. Gotta go now. Chuck wants to go out and stretch his legs ... hit the Shell bars and down a few gallons of high octane. The only thing faster than this C4 Vette in Fort Worth? "The Man" ... with his Motorola and his buddy's ... with the spike strips.

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