Bob's 2001 Bullitt Mustang T-Trimed

2001 Ford Mustang GT

752 RWHP
625 lb/ft
16 PSI
V-1 Ti Supercharger
Street car with BC Automotive fully automatic 4R70W transmission with Circle D Torque Converter. At the track I simply put the car in "Drive", leave off the Foot Brake at 3000rpm, 1.39 60ft and the computer (EEC) makes all the shifts and converter lock-up. I just point it down the track. Best ET 9.37 at 152mph in the 1/4, 6.02@120 1/8 mile. Boss 330 4V 4.6 Modular Motor, Kris Starnes Racing heads and intake. 752rwhp with 16psi and 16 deg of timing on unleaded pump gas. Tuning done by Tony Gonyon at Tuners Inc using SCT software. I do track tuning myself using the SCT Pro Racer Package. The T-Trim is really getting the job done with this combo! It was purchased as an S-Trim back in 2002 and upgraded to a T-Trim in 2006. The charger has a total of 87,000 miles of street time on it and probably 300 1/4 mile passes over the years with zero problems. It's like the energizer bunny. It just keeps going.

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