Mike's 1997 Mustang GT

1997 Ford Mustang GT

619 RWHP
517 lb/ft
18 PSI
V-2 S Supercharger
RGR Built 4.6 281 Cubic Inch Short Block: Iron Block, Cobra Crank, Manley H Beam Rods, Custom CP Pistions, 9.24:1 Compression Ratio FRPP SVO M-6049-D46 Heads: RGR Fully Race Ported, Bronze Valve Guides, Oversized Valves, Titanium Retainers, Aftermarket Hi Rev Springs, CompCams XE 270AH-13 Cams, Intake Runners Custom Ported To Allow Use Of '99 and Newer Intake Edelbrock 4.6 Single Plane Victor Jr. Intake Manifold Wilson Manifolds 100 Degree Elbow Wilson Manifolds 80mm Throttle Body Vortech V-2 T Trim Supercharger 2.8" Pulley ATI 6.78" Damper Pulley 8 Rib Set UP Sheet Metal 3 Core Intercooler BBRC Custom V Band 3" Intercooler Piping BBRC Aluminum Sumped Fuel Tank Magna Fuel 625 Series Fuel Pump And Components FAST 80 Pound Injectors ProMotion T45 Transmission Big Stuff 3 Engine Management Fuel System With Individual LS1 Coils Bassani Mid Length Headers Bassani Off Road X Pipe Flow Master Cat Back System Complete Race Suspension: UPR Extreme Series Adjustable Upper Control Arms UPR Billet 8.8" Spherical Bushings BBRC NMRA Non Adjustable Lower Control Arms UPR Caster Camber Plates UPR Pro Series Coil Over Kit Lakewood 70/30 Front Struts QA1 Tubular K Member and A Arms QA1 Adjustable Rear Shocks Stock Rear Springs BBRC Custom Anti Roll Bar BBRC Custom Sub Frame Connectors Car Put Down 619 RWHP at 18PSI at 6300 RPM with only 15 Degrees Of Timing. With Some Track Time And Some More Tuning Should Be Able To Push 17 Degrees Safely. Next Mod Will Be To Step It Up To A Vortech V-7 JT Trim

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