Jeff Provost's 1990 Mustang GT

1990 Ford Mustang GT

350 RWHP
370 lb/ft
12 PSI
V-1 S Supercharger
This is my 1990 Mustang GT which was purchased just a few years ago. The previous owner had given up on it as a drag car, and I purchased it without a suspension, drivetrain, or interior. To keep it more streetable, I converted it to a 5-lug with Cobra brakes all around, polyurethane bushings, H&R springs, strut tower brace, subframe connectors, and aftermarket rear control arms. I went a little unique with a set of 18" BBS RK wheels, wrapped in a set of sticky BF Goodrich KDs. The 145K mile engine is completely stock, except for headers, exhaust, fuel system, and the 8-rib V-1 S-trim supercharger setup. Custom plumbing was made to enable the supercharger setup to work with the strut tower brace as well as flow some more air. Engine management is handled by a FAST b2b computer, and was recently tuned @ 350 hp and 370 lb*ft to the wheels on pump gas @ 12 psi. Behind the engine is a Tremec 3550 with 3.73:1 gears out back. The body and the interior were put together to be clean and simple, which are pretty much as Ford made it except for the Cobra grill and back bumper, Cervinis 1.5" cowl hood on the outside, and aftermarket front seats, chromoly roll bar, 5 pt harnesses, rear seat delete, and a few Auto Meter Gauges. Future plans call for some more suspension upgrades to prepare her for some open-track driving events, and possibly a 2011 5.0 engine and a T56 (with a Vortech of course!).

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