Jeff Provost's 1965 Olds Cutlass 442

600 RWHP
600 lb/ft
10 PSI
Here's my '65 Olds 442 which I have completely restored from the frame-off. The first phase of owning this project (which was purchased when I was only 17) was getting her on the road pretty much as you see her now except for under the hood. Everything except for the engine machine work and front seat upholstery was done entirely by myself with the help and motivation of my father. After relentless oiling issues with the original 400 big block Olds, I decided to undertake what you see here, a twin-supercharged, fuel injected, big block Olds. A factory off-set ground steel crank, 2.100" rod journal Oliver steel rods, Probe pistons, main girdle, and filled water jackets make up the 468 cube short block. The original "A" cast iron heads are now heavily ported, and are packaged with a Comp Cams .670"/.670" lift solid roller cam and roller rockers. Up top, the Torker intake was reworked for the Electromotive TEC3r fuel injection and custom intake plenium which mounts twin 75mm Mustang-style throttle bodies. Kooks 2" primary headers and Torq Tech 3" exhaust with 3-chamber Flowmasters sets the aggressive tone. With the long block completed, the fun began when it came to installing the twin Vortechs. All of the bracketry was hand-fabricated, and fits perfectly within the original engine bay configuration. They are only A-trims for now, as the factory Olds block is only capable of handling 700 or so HP, and the chassis is not set up for handling the power she currently makes. The powerhouse is backed with a TKO600 and a 3.89:1 Ford 9" rear. She is suprisingly drivable, and loves to cruise at 75-80 mph while only a touch over 2,000 rpm. On the highway, untuned, I've seen around 16-17 mpg on pump gas. No power numbers yet, as she hasn't been dyno tuned. But with a baseline dyno (with a carb, no blowers) she made 520 hp and 540 lb*ft, and with 10 psi she should easily break my 600 rwhp goal. But the real fun will begin when an aftermarket block becomes available, I upgrade the chassis, and replace the blowers with a pair of Si trims.