Andy Casper's LJ Torana

1543 RWHP
V-4 X Supercharger

Dyno sheet

Hi, I'm from australia and I have an LJ Torana with a 383 Chev with a V-4 on it and made 1350RWHP here are some pics. Oh and its a street car i drive just about every day... pump fuel. The motor is now a 430ci and new heads and cam and now makes 1543 or some thing like that.. i drive the ass off the car every day.. I just got back from 3 days of flogging my car.. you might be interested in the show i was just at its called powercruise the guy that runs it is bring it to the states you really need to look into it.. there are a few cars coming over from here.. trust me when i say drive the ass off my car 300k's down the main straight at the track this year.. If you like to add some links to my car there are a few on youtube I was placed 9the best burnout guy in australia at a show here call summernats witch is the biggest show around here. I also have done 2000miles this year in it... i adverage about 1000 miles a month in it.. and i do have another 4WD turbo lancer (that makes 430HP @ all 4) witch is from family outings. I have attached the latest dyno sheet and a few more photos. one of my arm inside the blower.. dyno sheet and the last photo is of me doing 200 with 3 of us in the car smoking the tyers.. this year i did what we call a powerskid i smoked the tyers no break straight line for 300meters and i was doing over 200k's/ 125m/h and then i smoked the tyers just as hard for another 200meters just to prove i could lol... you have to show them who's boss lol

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