Peter Yoon

YSI Car install with cutstom billet bracket mount (View)

383 Engine build without V7 YSI install (View)

YSI mounted in a billet bracket (View)

7.8 Crank with 3.12 YSI (View)

Engine assy with clutch assy in the K-member ready for trans (View)

Engine Vortech install with out final blower tubing (View)

CNC ported LT1 polished with fuel line mods and AZ mono blade throttle body (View)

Engine assy mounted in Spohn K-member with Spohn everything and QA-1 double adjustable coil overs (View)

Churche's Dyno test day (View)

Custom Moser 9" reinforced housing and axles (View)

Dual Walbro 255 (View)

Strange Center Section (View)

1995 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

811 RWHP
684 lb/ft
14.6 PSI
V-7 YSi Supercharger

This project took about 6-7 years of sleepless nights to complete due to entire drive train, billet dual disc clutch, suspension, cooling, ECU, exhaust, roll bar, 9' diff, fuel, support ~1000HP.

Engine:  Joe Mejia built 383 LTX, Program billet Mains, ARP studs throughout, Dragon Slayer crank, Callies I beam rods, JE pistons, EFI connection 24 reluctor sytem, ATI Big Block two key 6 bolt snout, ATI balancer, Advanced Induction CNC ported 215 Trickflow heads, Custom blower cam, Crower 17-4 PH roller rockers, Canton oil pan, etc...

Induction system:  V-7 YSi polished blower, with 2.6:1 ratio 10 rib pulley with Vortech tensioning system using adjustable heimjoints,1000CC Injector Dynamics, custom billet bracket, custom tubing, large intercooler, Raceport bypass, etc..

Ignition:  EFI connection LT1 to LS conversion system, LS2 coilpacks, LS1 computer with HP tuner, Magnacore wires, etc..

Drive Train: D&D T-56 trans with Viper output shaft pkg, Riper shifter, Spec Billet dual Carbon fibre disc sytem conversion with push diaphram pressure plate sytem, Quick time Spun scatter shield, Spicer u-joins, large steel OD thick walled custom drive shaft, Spohn everything suspension with Delphere and full heim joint tubular suspension with custom Spohn welded 9" moser housing/axles torque arm mount, Strange third member with billet pinion bearing support, etc..

Exhaust:  Pacer long tube 1 3/4 primary ceramic coated inside/out, modified Kooks LS1 3" diameter stainless dual exhaust to fit LTX configuration with added Magnaflow VT mufflers for added quiet high flow exahust system, V band clamps, etc...

Exterior:  Zleeper appearance with a stock as possible look to minimize undesireable attention.  Unfortunately Z/28 is a bright Red T-top!

I think there is more left on the table for more power, but for now I'm going to focus on chassis tuning and other aspects...  Not bad for 91 Octane pump gas without alcohol/water injection!



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