1995 Ford F-150 Lightning

12 PSI
V-7 YSi Supercharger

Best of everything. 30 over 351, crane 1.72 rockers, 5.0 roller cam, AFR185, gt40intake, Vortech V-7 YSi, Aeromotive A1000 pump and Aeromotive complete fuel system, 60lb injectors and 5/8 fuel rails and sumped stock rear fuel tank. 430 Motorsport rear gear with 31 spline axles and a built E40d and converter and valve-body. Show quality flamed factory black paint. The truck is a street beast and is a blast to drive with a  best 1/4 ET 11.7 truck is a Eye catcher. Truck has 108k original miles Truck rools around on stock 17inch SVT wheels which have been carbon fiber dipped. 

The YSi is making approx 10-15 lbs of boost I am using an 8in lower and a 2.65 upper air to air inter cooler ( Ford F-250 diesel inter cooler )  and Mondo Bypass valve add 100 octane gas on race day's and good old 93 for street use.       

Vortech Products on This Vehicle