Zach Bettis's 91 Mustang GT

1991 Ford Mustang GT

605 RWHP
600 lb/ft
15 PSI
V-2 Si Supercharger
  • 347 stroker, Keith Black dished pistons, Eagle rods, internally balanced
  • Trickflow stage 2 cam with 1.7 rockers .601/.604 lift, Trickflow twisted wedge heads
  • Trickflow track-heat intake, 75mm trottle body, 90mm mass air, 42lb injectors, stock fuel rails
  • BBK ceramic headers, Bassani stainless x pipe and Cobra cat-back
  • MSD ignition box, Fluidyne radiator
  • Vortech V-2 Si pushing 15lbs in winter around 12-13lbs in summer, Mondo bypass valve 
  • Dyno tuned at a little over 600hp and right around 600tq would make more hp I had a sufficent fuel system for the set-up
  • Stock suspension, factory disk brakes all the way around, with factory rims and tires, no slicks it ran a 12.98 at 122mph... thank god for 4th gear 

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