Guy Penha's SN95 Cobra

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special hood. had it custom ordered since they don't make this hood anymore (View)

clean but with my own taste. Nothing over the top on the outside. (View)

1997 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

831 RWHP
690 lb/ft
12 PSI
V-7 JT Supercharger

Absolutely love the charger. It's far from annoying such as another brand. Power comes on as soon as I hit the gas and continues through each gear like I'm in 2nd all the time.  My ride isn't your average 97 Cobra. Built bored stock block. Also stroked. 2014 Ford GT Supercar heads ported polished custom ground cam and oversized valves. Timing gears have been degreed. ATI balancer. Custom Hogan sheet metal intake with 8 direct methanol injectors . Vortech V-7 JT Trim at 12 lbs.  Air to air cooled by Chizzel Performance. 1 7/8" Kooks headers to 3 inch Bassani exhuast. Pro M engine management including 8 widebands. 2 egt. T 56 transmission . 3.73 Tru track rear end. Full suspension. Roll cage. 2004 Terminator interior. Tuned by Mike Dez Racing in 2014 made 831 rwhp. 2015 made a few changes and hopefully with less boost we will make 700+.  The goal for this car is the least amount of boost with most power.  It's a daily driver in the summer. Have  A/C in this car.  I put approximately 10k miles on this car per year.

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