DRAGG 2006 Ford Mustang GT Police Package Vehicle

2006 Ford Mustang GT

This is the Vortech Supercharged DRAGG 2006 Ford Mustang GT Police Package Vehicle. 

Commonly asked questions: 
1. Who paid for this?

No tax money was used in the build of this car. It is all privately funded via doniations and grants. 

2. What is DRAGG?

DRAGG is a 501-c3 non-profit after school automotive program. Dragg Racing Against Gangs and Graffiti

3. Is this a real police car?


4. Has it been used for patrol. 

Yes. Whenever driven by an officer in uniform, even to an event to show off the car, it can be used to pull someone over. 

5. Can I ride in it?

Sure, just commit a crime, we'll handcuff you and throw you in the back seat. All jokes aside, only DRAGG Staff and students get to ride in the DRAGG cars. 

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