Vortech Bellmouth Inlets For Racing Supercharger Applications

Pricing listed below.

Designed for competition level drag racing, the large radiused contour of the bellmouth inlets promote uniform inlet flow, resulting in improved compressor performance and increased horsepower.

The billet aluminum construction, black anodized finish, laser etched logo artwork, and o-ring retention feature make for a stylish, yet solidly functional addition to any race setup.

PN Description Price Select
2B190-051 Bellmouth Inlet for 5.0" OD Supercharger Inlet Flange $149.99
2B190-061 Bellmouth Inlet for 4.0" OD Supercharger Inlet Flange $149.99
2B190-071 Bellmouth Inlet for 3.75" OD Supercharger Inlet Flange $149.99