Maxflow® Race Blow-Off Valves

Pricing listed below.

Perfect for those that want that signature sound between shifts, our Maxflow Race Blow-off Valve features a 360˚ discharge, all Billet aluminum construction, and a large “rolling diaphragm” configuration with dual vent porting allows for quick valve response.  These units will retrofit to standard Greddy/HKS style mounting pads, are adaptable to all types of boosted engine installations and can be mounted in any position.  Race BOV with standard spring is preset to open at 5 inches of vacuum, Race BOV with high tension spring is preset to open at 17 inches of vacuum.  Same mounting flange configuration as current Vortech Race Bypass. Direct replacement on VTA (vent-to-atmosphere) applications.  Available in black or clear anodized finishes.

PN Description Price Select
8D204-111 Maxflow Race Blow-off Valve / Black Anodized Finish $299.99
8D204-113 Maxflow Race Blow-off Valve / Clear Anodized Finish $299.99