John-Paul's BMW E36 M3 Sedan

490 RWHP
390 lb/ft
18 PSI
V-2 SC Supercharger

3.2 Straight 6 S52 motor 8.5:1 fully built, Schrick cams , CP pistons, Arrow rods, Ferrero valve springs, duel Supertek valve springs, OEM bearings, ARP studs top and bottom end, stock head gasket MLS, Dr Vanos stage 2.  Vortech V-2 SCi supercharger, 7.5" crank pully , 3.64" 8-rib supercharger pully, 18psi with euro 6 speed transmission, Diff custom 40% lock up 3.38 and 3.73.  

Vortech Products on This Vehicle