Rich Monti / SRT-8 Jeep

2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

507 RWHP
487 lb/ft
8.8 PSI

 Adding the Vortech was a great modification for my Jeep. Now it has the power that a vehicle this heavy needs. Drive ablity is better than stock and so is my gas mileage. (when I can keep the pedal off the floor)  In addition to the V-3 Vortech system I've installed an Inertia spec'd blower cam, Stainless Works headers, Paramount transmission and torque convertor, a custom OST tune, and Stage 6 dual pump fuel system. My system makes 8.8 lbs of boost with the stock 32 tooth pulley and dyno'd at 507 hp and 487 ft/lbs torque at the rear wheels. My best 1/4 mile time is 11.56 @ 118.3 mph full weight, on all season street tires and 93 octane. After driving my car for almost a year with the Vortech set up I'm still just as happy as the day I installed it.