Kevin Mccue's 1993 Mustang Cobra

1993 Cobra Mustang #2195 138 K miles.

Old V-1 S-Trim unknown miles. Air to water charge cooler. Installed at 135 K miles. Hadn't had any problems with kit install. Considering the milege of both the car and the head unit to me makes awesome power.

Car put down 455 RWHP and 456 RWTQ 2.95 Pulley at @ only 11PSI. See Dyno Sheet

Long block intake iron GT 40 Heads all 100 % stock

  • 42lb injectors
  • 90 MM
  • BBK control arms upper and lower
  • BBK Subframe connectors
  • Eibach drag Launch springs
  • MT ET Streets
  • Mach Headers
  • BBK H pipe
  • Old flowmasters