Paul Alvarez's 2003 Mustang GT

Paul says:

Quite impressive 2003 Mustang GT (4.6 2V – Stock Internals)

My Mustang was purchased brand new in 2003. At 40,000 miles I had my shop (Ramsey’s) install my new vortech SQ, WITHOUT a cooler. She made 300 whp… Not enough.

That same blower at 88,000 miles gets a pulley change (2.95), water to air after cooler, Kenne Bell Boostapump, Lightning 90mm MAF, raised fuel rail pressure using the same old 38 lbs injectors that came in my Vortech SQ package… SHE MADE 427 WHP on stock internals at 88,000 miles!!! Same blower, some tweaks, same car plus 127 whp!

Tuned to perfection By Ramsey's Performance in Lutz, Florida.

My setup is simple. No unnecessary parts or gadgets, not even headers… Check it out:

  • Vortech SQ Supercharged, 11 PSI – 2.95 pulley
  • Vortech water to air aftercooler
  • Ford Anderson Power Pipe
  • SCT Superchip
  • 38LBS Injectors (raised fuel rail pressure via sensor instead of blowing cash on 42 LBS injectors)
  • Focus Fuel Pump 255 lph
  • Kenne Belly Boost a Pump
  • UPR O/R X Pipe
  • 40 Series Flowmasters Delta's

And that’s all there is to it. Hoping to make mid to high 11’s on this simple setup!

Thanks in advance for considering my car for V-rides. If you would like some motor shots, I’d be glad to send them.