Brian Camp's 2007 Mustang GT

Brian says:

Hi, there!

I was looking at the Vortech Customer Gallery at all the barely legal, super modded cars making crazy horsepower #'s. Great stuff, but how about a really tame, mostly stock daily drivers running one of your superchargers? My car is one of those nearly stock cars that has been transformed by just the simple addition of one of your products. Perhaps you'll show it in your gallery so that prospective buyers can see what a Vortech blower can do on a mild car?

I have a 2007 Mustang GT coupe. It features the factory 5R55S 5-speed automatic transmission. The engine is 100% factory stock, as are the exhaust and suspension. It's a heavy, well-optioned car that weighs 3,420 lbs at the dragstrip (3,600 lbs if you include me).

The only mods to the car are...

  • Ford Racing 4.10 ring & pinion gears.
  • Fuddle Racing street/strip stall converter which flashes to 4,800 rpm's with the Vortech supercharger installed (3,800 rpm's naturally aspirated).
  • BF Goodrich 275/40/17 drag radials for dragstrip use.
  • Vortech V-2 SQ Standard S-trim Supercharger system (non-cooled).
  • Ford Racing 3V0 spark plugs (copper & one heat range colder than stock).
  • Custom dyno tuning by John Garner at the Horsepower Ranch in Maple Valley, WA. Tuned conservatively (with DiabloSport's Predator tuning software) as this car is a daily driver!



  • On the Mustang Chassis Dyno it made a peak of 351 RWHP and 304 RWTQ with a very safe A/F ratio and conservative tuning. See dyno graph.
  • Boost is 5.8 psi when the stall converter flashes (4,800 rpm's) and builds linearly to 10.5 psi at the redline/shiftpoint (6,400 rpm's).
  • Best 1/4 mile passes at Pacific Raceways near Seattle, WA were a 12.34 @ 111.9 mph and a 12.33 @ 110.5 mph. See times slips.

I have plenty of pictures that showcase the car and Vortech supercharger. Here's a few....

That's it. Mostly stock - just a couple mods - and running low 12's @ 110+ in the 1/4 mile with your Vortech V-2 SQ Standard S-trim. I couldn't be happier!!!