V-24 XB105 Supercharger

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Performance Specs

Max Speed:
69000 RPM
Max Boost:
35 PSI
Max Flow:
2900 CFM
Max Power:
1700 HP
Peak Efficiency:


Discharge OD:
Inlet OD:
Discharge ID:
Inducer Diameter:

The V-24 XB105 Supercharger is the smallest compressor in the V-20 family, yet still delivers well over 1,500HP. The carefully designed housing was made to fit in applications where space is a concern, while delivering twice the power of a typical roots type system.

Vortech's V-20 series superchargers have a long successful heritage, with an industry reputation of being the most durable and efficient superchargers in competition today. The new Vortech V-24 XB105 has the most efficient, largest volute in class (11"). Another revolutionary feature of the V-24 XB105 is the new Diverging Diffusion Technology (DDT) impeller/volute performance system with engine specific tunability. With all the engineering and new technology put into Vortech's latest offering, the V-24 XB105 has already started on the path towards domination.

Current Vortech V-24 Xi superchargers can be upgraded to the V-24 XB105.

Features Include:

  • Newly engineered ultra efficient lightweight Billet impeller
  • 6% more flow area over the Vortech V-24 Xi
  • Improved 11" 'diameter' volute.
  • Diverging Diffusion Technology (DDT)
  • Will be legal in all applicable popular racing classes.
  • Engine-specific Tunable Diffusion.
PN Description Price Select
2G348-150 V-24 XB105 Supercharger, Clockwise Rotation, Straight Discharge, Satin Finish $5584.99
2G348-158 V-24 XB105 Supercharger, Clockwise Rotation, Straight Discharge, Polished Finish $5863.99