Maxflow® Fuel Pump Booster

Maxflow Fuel Pump Booster Assembly for 2011-2013 Mustang GT (View)

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Included Components and Features

  • Increases street or racing fuel pump output by 50+%
  • Advanced, state of art microcontroller design and SMD layout for high reliability.
  • Microprocessor controlled voltage output. Provides stable voltage to fuel pump, regardless of battery input voltage.
  • Fused (40a) input simplifies installation and provides pump protection.
  • Multi-phase circuitry for maximum (> 90%) efficiency.
  • Extruded aluminum housing designed for superior thermal management.

Operating specifications

  • Input: 8-16v
  • Power Output: 600W - 17v at 35a typical (comparable to competing "40a" units)
  • Maximum ambient environment operating temperature: 212° F

5A102-029: Programmable Maxflow Fuel Pump Booster

PROGRAMMABLE unit allows desired voltage output curve to fuel pump to be set (download FuelAmp software). Installation wires and components included.

  • Specifically designed for use on 2011-2012 Mustang GT, but can also be used as a universal assembly
  • USB interface
  • MAP input
  • Internal Solid State relay prevents current draw with key off and eliminates need for external relay or passing high current through smaller stock relays and wires.
  • Unique "pass-through" circuitry allows normal system voltage output when unit is not triggered to boost voltage
  • Fully programmable voltage and current protection
  • Two digital or analog inputs
  • Fully mapped voltage with MAP or digital/analog inputs allow for unique flexibility in programming voltage output
  • Data logging ability [software development in process]
  • Wiring and installation components included

5A102-030: Non-Programmable Maxflow Fuel Pump Booster

NON-PROGRAMMABLE unit increases output to fuel pump to 18 volts. Installation wires and components included.

  • Fixed voltage output configuration (on-board offset adjustability)
  • Efficient design for performance and durability
PN Description Price Select
5A102-029 Maxflow Fuel Pump Booster, Pre-Programmed for 2011-2014 5.0L Mustang GT. Allows desired voltage output curve to fuel pump to be set. Installation wires and components included. $488.99
5A102-030 Maxflow Fuel Pump Booster, NOT PROGRAMMABLE. Increases output to fuel pump to 18 volts. Installation wires and components included. $259.99