V-3 SCi Supercharger

Pricing listed below.

Performance Specs

Max Speed:
53000 RPM
Max Boost:
17 PSI
Max Flow:
1050 CFM
Max Power:
725 HP
Peak Efficiency:

Performance specs apply to units equipped with standard gearcase.


Discharge OD:
Inlet OD:
Discharge ID:
Inducer Diameter:

Quality Features

  • This design allows for supercharger installation and operation without oil lines
  • Impeller speed potential efficiency slightly higher than S
  • Physical dimensions equal to S
  • Low-friction impeller seal allows for "upstream" throttle draw-through applications
  • Helical gear design with 3.6:1 step-up
  • The V-3 supercharger can be installed into any existing Vortech V-1, V-2, V-4 or V-7 bracketry
  • Includes remote fluid drain hose (attached to supercharger) that allows for simple fluid changes without removing the supercharger from the vehicle
  • A ventilated gear case assembly eliminates any potential internal pressure issues that are currently associated with non-vented competitive designs
  • Integrated gear case baffling for proper oil control
  • Simple oil slinger design does not require separate shaft or bearing set. This provides proper fluid delivery to gears and bearings
  • Superchargers are factory pre-filled with our special synthetic fluid.
  • Integrated dipstick for simple fluid checks

Superchargers exceeding 6 PSI require a Vortech standard bypass valve or a Vortech Maxflow racing bypass valve.

Superchargers exceeding 10 PSI require a Vortech Maxflow Mondo or Maxflow racing bypass valve.

PN Description Price Select
2F238-010 V-3 SCi, No Tilt, Clockwise, Satin Finish $2516.99
2F238-018 V-3 SCi, No Tilt, Clockwise, Polished Finish $2656.99