Belt Tensioner Plates & Assemblies

Pricing listed below.

Vortech belt tensioner assemblies for 1986-1993 Ford Mustang 5.0L and universal applications bolt directly onto the supercharger, which is great for custom installations. Each assembly includes the plate, idler pulley and all necessary mounting bolts. A ribbed version of the idler pulley is available for tensioning a 6-Rib belt from the inside. Larger idlers for 8-Rib, 10-Rib and cog drive applications are also available.
PN Description Price Select
4FA011-042 Belt Tensioner Plate / Heavy Duty $54.99
4FA111-032 S/C Belt Tensioner Assembly, 6-Rib / 5.0L Std. $89.99
4FA111-042 S/C Belt Tensioner Assembly, 8-Rib / 5.0L H.O. $133.99
4FP116-031 Belt Tensioner Assembly 10-Rib / 5.0L with Spacer & Plate, 35mm Cog $201.99