Crank Pulleys and Assemblies - Universal

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Vortech Crank pulleys for Universal 3-Bolt Chevrolet / 4-Bolt Ford patterns are the highest quality available in the aftermarket. We use lightweight aluminum stock that is CNC machined to SAE standards. Hard anodized coating provides for long belt and pulley life. Crank pulley assemblies include the pulley, belt and all mounting hardware.
PN Description Price Select
4MA018-031 6" Crank Pulley, 6-Rib $181.99
4MA018-041 6" Crank Pulley, 10-Rib $110.99
4MA018-051 7" Crank Pulley, 10-Rib $137.99
4MA018-061 7.8" Crank Pulley, 10-Rib $138.99