Super Fuel Management Unit

Pricing listed below.

Vortech's Super Fuel Management Unit (Super FMU) is a tuner's dream. It permits complete tailoring of the fuel pressure curve relative to manifold pressure, including upper and lower limits. The Super FMU can be used in a series or as a stand alone component. Its super high-flow capacity can handle large single and dual pumps while fluctuation and pressure creep is eliminated. The unit can also be used to adjust static pressure. Features include four pre-calibrated gain ratios: 7:1, 5:1, 3.25:1 and 2.5:1. Easily replaces our standard non-adjustable FMU. Not Legal for sale or use in California on street driven vehicles.

PN Description Price Select
6X070-040 Adapter Ring, Low-gain Ratio (Use with 6Z170-010 or 6Z170-015 for 1:1–2:1 Gain) $17.95
6X100-001 Super FMU with -6 AN Inlet/Outlet $377.99
6X100-002 Adapter Assembly for Super FMU (Allows the use of Standard Vortech #4 SAE FMU Hoses) $15.99
6X100-003 Support Hardware Assembly for Super FMU $91.99