V-1 SC Supercharger

Legacy Model (Superseded)

This product has been superseded and is no longer available. Information is provided here for the purpose of comparison to current products and to support existing units in the field.

Pricing listed below.

Performance Specs

Max Speed:
53000 RPM
Max Boost:
20 PSI
Max Flow:
1000 CFM
Max Power:
680 HP
Peak Efficiency:

Performance specs apply to units equipped with standard gearcase.


Discharge OD:
Inlet OD:
Discharge ID:
Inducer Diameter:
  • Straight cut spur gear
  • Available with straight or curved discharge

Superchargers exceeding 6 PSI require a Vortech standard bypass valve or a Vortech Maxflow racing bypass valve.

Superchargers exceeding 10 PSI require a Vortech Maxflow Mondo or Maxflow racing bypass valve.

Cog belt drive systems are recommended for all heavy duty superchargers

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