Marc Mayfield's 1968 SS

From Marc Mayfield:

Here are shots of my 68 SS, equipped with one of your older V-1's. I got the V-1 one off of my dad's 97 454 Chevy Suburban when he traded it in. This unit has over 80,000 miles on it and is still running strong. Thanks to your supercharger this car runs high 10's at the track, not bad for a 3700lb fully interiored car. I would love to update to your polished Y-7si or bigger, but $$$$ are not there. Thanks again for a wonderful product.

  • 99 454 engine all stock
  • V-1 supercharger (high milage)
  • Motec EFI
  • Factory Suspension w/slapper bars
  • E-85 fuel
  • hours&hours&hours&hours of tuning on the highway, no dyno