Brian Ellis' 2003 SVT Ford Focus

V-5 F Supercharger

Vortech Supercharged SVT Focus

Vortech - V-5 F-Trim Supercharging System with Air-to-Water Charge Cooler

Wings West - Body kit w/spoilers

Steeda - Suspension (Caster/Camber Plates)

Eibach - Suspension (A/R Bars, Springs, Shocks)

Bassani - Cat back exhaust

OZ - Superleggera Wheels

BF Goodrich -G-Force KD Tires

Quaife- Limited Slip Differential

Autometer - Boost and Fuel pressure gauges

Vinyl Mayhem - Plastering the car with stickers

Focus Central - Shifter, Cosmetic Underhood Goodies

Baer - Eradispeed Brakes

APC - Carbon fiber hood, tail lights and fire extinguisher

Boston Acoustics - Speakers and Amplifier

Scosche - Stereo wire and power distribution blocks

Eclipse - Radio/DVD Player/Flip out monitor

Vortech Products on This Vehicle