James Weigel's Charged Stang

1990 Ford Mustang LX

472 RWHP
485 lb/ft
16.2 PSI
V-1 S Supercharger
This is my 1990 Mustang Lx soon to be a Cobra Clone once i'm done wrenching. Been wrenching for a couple years on and off. Newest eddition is the polished V1 STrim i just put on. But it all started as a straight up build from the block up, all done by yours truley locked in my garage. The motor has a set of Pro Comp Heads 202/160 with 175 runners with ARP Head stud kit and 3 layer metal gaskets. A set of 1.6 trick flow rockers ( Stud ) with pushrod guide plates. Also a 510 lift trick flow cam with crane short travel race lifters. upper and lower Cobra intake all gasket matched. Mac Long tube headers, MSD6AL-2 with built in 2 step. 2 Speed electric fan. 2.5" exhaust with H-Pipe and 2 chamber flowmasters. Just went back to 373's from 410's due to the Supercharger. Car has welded in subframe connectors and welded in torque box supports with polished upper and lower control arms, Polished high torque starter . Now also has drilled slotted front rotors.Has 2 fuel pumps a 255lph in tank and a 255lph booster that pushes fuel through my billet fuel pressure regulator into my 60 lb. fuel injectors. to let that fuel have some air to match she breaths through a 90mm Lightning Mass Air and a 70mm throttle body and all flowing through all Anderson power pipe plumbing . Also using a Mondo race blow off valve.I'm sure i'm leaving stuff out but you get the idea. I am re-listing this because i wanted to put more pics and couldn't get back in to edit it so i re-posted. Some of the Pics are Pre-Supercharger.

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